"Imprisonment has become the
response of first resort to far too
many of our social problems."

Angela Davis


The Corridor is a feature length documentary portrait of the first high school in the United States providing education to adults serving time in jail.

cropped-cropped-shapeimage_1.pngThe San Francisco Sheriff’s Department considers the school to be the “crown jewel” of their restorative justice based re-entry program, and it has inspired similar programs in California and across the country. The film captures a semester inside the school as inmates, teachers, and the deputies prepare for graduation day. The Corridor explores the shifting boundaries between punishment and rehabilitation at a time when California—and the nation—is questioning what justice really means.

The school has at it’s heart a core belief that most people who end up in jail have the capacity to change, if they are given some kind of real opportunity to do so.

The Corridor centers around the tension between two central questions that societies have been grappling with for thousands of years, and which continue to be debated into the twenty first century. The first: how should society achieve justice? The other: what is our capacity to change our course in life?Read more


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